In September,the prices of squid in Argentina rose
date:2017-09-29  tips:2703

Squid fishing in the southwest Atlantic sea area

Squid fishing quantity in the southwestern Atlantic is zero tons last two weeks, and nearly 80% of the high seas fishing boats returned or moved. Only 18 fishing vessels were operating on the high seas by September 12th.

Fishing situation of squid in Peru sea area

In last week, the fishing capacity of squid in the Peru sea area was 3300.9 tons. By September 12th, the total catch was 98043.7 tons in 2016. There are 232 fishing vessels operating on the high seas, accounting for 88% of the total amount of squid fishing in the Peru sea area.

Squid fishing in the North Pacific

Squid fishing capacity was 4243 tons in the North Pacific Ocean  last week. By September 12th, the total catch was 21556.5 tons in 2016. Over the same period last year, squid fishing in the North Pacific was 12603.3 tons, with an increase of about 71% over the same period.

Argentina squid prices

Compared with August, the prices of various specifications have risen in different ranges, especially that of 300-400g. See sales data for Argentina squid platform in August

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