Eat deep sea fish can prevent a cancer
date:2017-09-29  tips:2606

Recently, the Japanese National Cancer Institute published a survey that eat salmon and other people rich in DHA fish, and less people eat compared to the risk of pancreatic cancer risk as low as three percent.

Researchers conducted a follow-up study of 82,000 people aged 45-74 years with 378 people suffering from pancreatic cancer, and the researchers analyzed the association between their condition and eating fish (ingesting DHA). The results of the analysis showed that the most uptake of fish (the daily intake of about 1 g) was the highest in DHA (the daily intake of 0.3 g) The risk of pancreatic cancer was low. DHA exists in the tuna, salmon, sardines, etc. as the representative of the sea fish, the average per 100 grams of seawater fish DHA content of more than 1 gram.

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