Japanese squid stocks reach the latest low record
date:2017-09-29  tips:2729

With the majority of squid fishing areas of the catches continued to slump, the end of May Japan's squid stocks have been less than 40,000 tons, compared with the previous month decreased by 7%, this data has a record low.

Compared with the same period last year, as Japan's major squid exporting countries of Argentina and South Korea in the first half of this year have significantly reduced exports to Japan.

The shortage of raw material supplies could seriously affect squid processing in Japan. The season is supposed to be the peak season for squid fishing, but squid fishing in the North Pacific and Japanese waters is worrisome. The benchmark stock for squid was about 100000 tons about 10 years ago. In recent years, this standard has declined, to be set at 70000-80000 tons. Even in the case of declining inventory standards, inventories of less than 40000 tonnes in summer are considered abnormal.

By the end of May, the common stock category including Illex squid was 17226 tons, compared with 27919 tons in 2015, a reduction of more than 10000 tons. In general, stocks will continue to fall in June and July, and the downturn in fishing will make stocks less visible.

Due to the shortage of raw materials, squid processing enterprises are faced with stagnant production and stagnant income. The joint accounting of squid processing enterprises in Japan has asked the government to expand import quotas to make up for the shortage of squid fishing in china. This request has been verbally communicated to the Fisheries Department and will be formally submitted to the government in the form of official documents in a short period of time.

On the face of it, this year's rate of consumption seems to be low, but the relevant information shows that the purchase contract has actually been increasing. People familiar with the matter said that if fishing overseas improves, the industry will consider dealing with sudden demand orders.

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